Discipline at the cost of your life

I was a very disciplined person sometime back, I had a schedule and I would stick to it at any cost.

I loved the respect and at ration and each praise made me more and more perfect to set more and more rules

I was firm confident and un moveable on the targets set by me, while I was very proud of myself …. Then one day something struck me

Many a times I missed important events to be regular at a class I had enrolled, many a times walked out on guests, sometimes ignored family

When I think back those moments would be much more cherishable than a class attended

Discipline sometimes is an ego a stubbornness and selfish

Define discipline for your own self, it is good to be regular it is good to follow something and to be passionate but don’t do it at the cost of things that are presihable

The same moment and same people will never be there at the same time and give you the same experience

Don’t take me wrong, discipline is mandatory when it comes to studies, your job and other things that facilitating your family and their comforts

But discipline that is uncompromisable and at the cost of the needs and wishes of your near and dear ones is just not worth it

Is there light at the end of the tunnel?

Like almost many of us I feel like I have been there done that, seen so many ups and downs and sometimes feel like more downs than ups

My life has been quite a roller coaster and the journey has been quite bumpy with some crashes

Each time I experience these things, time seems to stop and life stagnates, each day is a living hell

Worries haunt and we fabricate and imagine of things that can never happen to us

The tunnel guys is really dark and long and while we are there it feels cold inside

I often wonder is there any hope at all, will I survive this or is it a road to disaster, a road to compromise and permanent downfall

I must assure you that there is light at the end of the tunnel …. Yes it is there

While some of us are so stubborn to even accept that probably today might be better than yesterday

What we expect is a replica of what happened previously and things to be the same before the day of disaster

Every moment is the perishable and each new moment is new, we need to let go of the past to keep our hands to pull the reins and control the future

There is hope for each one living and the faster and harder you try you will see the ray of hope and eventually blossom under direct sunlight

Don’t lose hope just try try and try and trust me you will have a success story to share one day….

तू सुल्लाज जा

तू सुल्लाज जा

जीवन के इस सफ़र में बहुत से लोग मिल जएँगे

कोई तुम्हारी तारीफ़ करके कोई तुमको ऊल्झा जाएँगे

निडर रहने तुम हमेशा क्यूँकि तुमको अपना साथ भी निभाना है

मत भूलना कि तूम भी कुछ हो और तुमको आगे ही आगे कदमबढ़ाना है

बहुत से सपने पूरे करने की है दिल में है तमन्ना फिर क्या मतलब है यूँ अचानक से ठम जाना

हिमालय की चोटी पर हम जैसा ही कोई पहुँच पाया है

तुज मैं भी है वो क़ाबिलियत फिर तू अपने आप से क्यूँ टकराया है

हाथ पकड़ के तुमने चलना सीखा, अब तो अपने बल पे जीना है

मत संक़ोच कर हिम्मत कर और चल आगे करके अपना सीना है

कितनो को तू इल्ज़ाम देगा अगर कोई नाकामी है

कभी तो समाज के इस चीज क़ा इसका ज़िम्मेदार हुन मैं

जब तक अपनी गलती को ना अपना पाएगा

तू बस उसी चीज को दुबारा दोहरायें गा

दूसरों को सूलझाने से पहले , खुद को पहले सुलजाना है

फिर तुम देखो ज़मीन और आसमान डोनो पे क़ाबू पाना है

My passion does not pay the bills

I envy people you have a passion career , they pursue their dreams and they live each day like a vacation

I wonder that when your passion becomes your job does it remain as relaxing does it not give you stresss like any other job

My passion is writing, counselling, helping people both by listening to their problems and also providing monetary support according to my minimum capacity

My passion cannot pay my bills nor take care of my family at the moment.

I am currently at a job that is monotonous and stressful and target oriented.

I derive my passion Through my job, I draft impressive emails which caters to my writing skills and the team counts on me … feels good

I listen to people in trouble and patiently counselling them whenever possible and the salary I get is often shared with people who are in dire need

While my dream is still to try to open a counselling clinic where I can counsel and help people in need, cater to the masses not only the classes. Also charge them a nominal fee, so that a person already in trouble does not have a additional burden of huge counselling fees.

I wanted to write this article to address the people who currently can’t follow their passion, please note there is always a way to live your dreams and include your passion in your current job and if that is totally impossible the salary can always allow you to enroll for something on weekends till you are confident that ….. your passion will pay your bills

Do write back with your views and thoughts … Will help me too : )

End of an Era

We live and we grow under the guidance of many at different points of time.

Every period a different mentor, parents then teacher, then friends and then bosses.

I was fortunate to have a boss who was great and someone unmatchable, mighty, strong and profound.

I grew under his leadership and shared his glory, being with him I was shielded from the evils, his power protected me.

My family was prospering, my life was full with abundance of all sorts. In the lap of luxury and happiness and smiles were a part of me.

But the truth is I never realised then and I when I realised that ,even the worst times I faced during those times were the best where i compare to the current times.

Visionaries and great men are born and they have an aura that surrounds them and it pulls everyone attached to them upwards in life.

When life attaches you to these people you also become fortunate and gain with the tide.

Today given his absence I work with people who are much inferior in thoughts and action and I feel defamed.

It is difficult to respect and appreciate their thoughts, their best thoughts seem so petty and pettier are people who surround and support them.

When it’s an end of an era …… it’s an end of an era

No one to forgive

All our lives we always never your fault.Sometimes you blame circumstances and sometimes people.

You always have a reason for failure and the reason is never you.

We even hold back and mention you know I will never forgive him or her he ruined me completely

All depends on YOU

You live by the decisions you take, no wonder what life or people have done with you , there is always an opportunity next minute to wake up and change your day and life.

Don’t let people affect you so bad, they will never change but you can always decide how you want to live life

The way you feel affects you and your loved ones so be extremely careful you may hurt people that don’t deserve it

There is no one you need to forgive ….as no one has or can harm you …. It is just you and you ….take the reins of life in your hands… tread along or gallop or race but lead it your way

All the best

Listen to the older and wiser

I am a very strong and confident women. I started working when I was 21 yrs of age.

No one in my family worked In a corporate so there was no one to guide me. I remember wearing outfits as per my understanding and people making snide remarks

I dint I understand it then and now I feel bad of course

As life moved on I worked really hard and I succeeded, not like the successful one do but good enough for a middle class family

I became more and more confident, and I success somehow stays in one place that is the head

Many wise and old suggested a few things but I was too intelligent as per my own understanding

Today I am much older and I realise the mistake, I dint listen I was deaf and blind folded.

Sometimes circumstances and people come across and suggest they give you hints, they try to help you are too confident to listen

By the time you become old and wise you largely have only one choice that is too share your experience and warn others

Well, now I have learnt one thing when people tell you something listen and think about it.

Never ignore a suggestion or comment it might have something to offer that might benefit you in a large way

All the best!


A poem dedicated to the ones who have given it all to the organisations over years and have treated like a fully shaven pencil


Oh! Don’t try to push I can’t even fall,

As the roots below have also grown tall

You just see the branches and the fruits

And once they are dry they don’t even suit

I am standing tall for the foundation built

But now you make me feel so useless and full of guilt

When I was young and charming you adored the look

But now that I am powerless against me you want to book

All I am asking is some time and chance for new shoots to grow

But you seem to be rude and ignore and just listen no more

I have contributed inspite of heavy storm and rain

Seems like just nothing’s and my efforts are all in vain

Do you agree that life is indeed fair

Then all you don’t agree and just be polite and care

What goes around comes ground with double the force

But I think people like you sin without remorse

You know you will have to pay for all that you did wrong

Then why aren’t you weary and instead live life like a song

U r the best!

We wake up each morning positive and happy.

Each day gives us new hope as we welcome new to weave new stories of our life

But now I realise that each one of us is good or better or best at things.

The world is not the same where one would talk and others would respect and listen.

We ourselves try to let others down or we are let down by others, sometimes it’s intentional sometimes not.

They are braggers and there are genuine winners, but u need to know that you are unique, no one is born a good for nothing

It’s all about us recognising our strengths, our interests, our likes and dislikes and looking fit opportunities to smile each day.

I myself have made people make me feel useless, unwanted and worthless, if I believe what they do to I will not do justice with family that surrounds me.

No matter what people say, just recognise your strengths and find reasons to love yourself becoz U r truly the best!

Slow down and reconnect

Weren’t we rushing too far, do you realise that maybe it was for nothing. You can’t bribe anyone to give you life, you can’t bribe anyone to keep you safe, you can’t blame anyone. Today the response responsibility lies in your hand to be safe and alive. Why don’t you sit back and relax. Think of all you have lost, y don’t we reconnect with all friends coz today you realise what all they are worth