A poem dedicated to the ones who have given it all to the organisations over years and have treated like a fully shaven pencil


Oh! Don’t try to push I can’t even fall,

As the roots below have also grown tall

You just see the branches and the fruits

And once they are dry they don’t even suit

I am standing tall for the foundation built

But now you make me feel so useless and full of guilt

When I was young and charming you adored the look

But now that I am powerless against me you want to book

All I am asking is some time and chance for new shoots to grow

But you seem to be rude and ignore and just listen no more

I have contributed inspite of heavy storm and rain

Seems like just nothing’s and my efforts are all in vain

Do you agree that life is indeed fair

Then all you don’t agree and just be polite and care

What goes around comes ground with double the force

But I think people like you sin without remorse

You know you will have to pay for all that you did wrong

Then why aren’t you weary and instead live life like a song

U r the best!

We wake up each morning positive and happy.

Each day gives us new hope as we welcome new to weave new stories of our life

But now I realise that each one of us is good or better or best at things.

The world is not the same where one would talk and others would respect and listen.

We ourselves try to let others down or we are let down by others, sometimes it’s intentional sometimes not.

They are braggers and there are genuine winners, but u need to know that you are unique, no one is born a good for nothing

It’s all about us recognising our strengths, our interests, our likes and dislikes and looking fit opportunities to smile each day.

I myself have made people make me feel useless, unwanted and worthless, if I believe what they do to I will not do justice with family that surrounds me.

No matter what people say, just recognise your strengths and find reasons to love yourself becoz U r truly the best!

Slow down and reconnect

Weren’t we rushing too far, do you realise that maybe it was for nothing. You can’t bribe anyone to give you life, you can’t bribe anyone to keep you safe, you can’t blame anyone. Today the response responsibility lies in your hand to be safe and alive. Why don’t you sit back and relax. Think of all you have lost, y don’t we reconnect with all friends coz today you realise what all they are worth

Dedicated to people who dislike me

Dear Guys,

Not that I wake up right everyday, my heart and mind are fatigued

Not that I don’t have problems, I have plenty just that, you can’t see

You are blinded by hatred that makes you wish the worst for me

Do you know that though I am sinking I just appear to be happy and glee

I am no happier than you pls don’t misunderstand

But I stretch myself like a rubber band

One day I will snap and break into two

Then don’t sympathise and say you had no clue

Wish well live well

What happened

You were next to me all the while

But distances grew over a mile

Was there any love between us at all

We stepped into different shops at a mall

I looked at you and you looked at me

But the affection we felt I could no longer see

Do I want this relationship to be back to what it was

While We don’t even remember for this estrangement what’s the cause

I know if you go away and never look back a part of me will never be the same

But I also that after all we can’t again play the same game

छोटिसि दुनिया

छोटिसि सी एक दुनिया मेरी, छोटा सा बसेरा था

हम रहते हस्ते खेलते मिलना ही सवेरा था

यूँ देखो तो थी वो नौकरी इत्तफ़ाक़से थे हम साथ

चुटकी मैं दिन बीते और कभी न खतम होती बात

चार निवाले हम खिलाते ख़ुद्दको कभी मिलते निवाले दो

किसको पता था इतनी जल्दी ग़ायब हो जाते वो

न बिछड़ते तुमने गले लगाया न अश्रु बहाए चार

न तुममें थी दूर होने का ग़म न तुममें था कोई प्यार

कोई हमको देखता साथ उसे लगता के ये हे एक कोक के बच्चे

ज़्यादा वक्त नहीं लगा जब पता चला के ये डोर थे बड़े कच्चे

क्या सच भी था जो था ये रिश्ता हमारा

जो साख झपकते ही हो गया गवारा

लड़ती थी मैं उनके लिए भले नुक़सान हुईं मेरी बड़ी

लेकिन जब मेरा मौक़ा आया हूँ अकेली चौराहे पे खड़ी

दिल से प्यार किया था यारो पतझद में भी साथ निभाया था

कुछ भी याद नहीं क्या सालो साथ में आँसू बहाया था

इस मोड़ पर आके मुझे बस एक भगवान का सहारा है

क्या तुमको याद है मेरा बलिदान या कोई और दोसतो को पाया है

बहुत कहा सुना भी मैंने मिज़ाज भी तो तूफ़ानी थी

याद आए कभी भूल से मेरी तो सोचना वह तो झाँसी वाली रानी थी

Quotes Again

1) You can behave like nothing has happened, I will behave like nothing can happen

2) it hurts to know that sometimes we stare away at a closed door that will never open for a lifetime

3) Why is the hard way the only way to learn it

4) Unlike animals humans don’t harm with claws and canines but the way they hurt impacts the heart which leaves no marks on the surface

5) Why is clarifying become so old fashioned

Don’t conceal just get rid of it

As we approach the new year, I was happily cleaning all the areas that were untouched over the years.

It’s always exciting to clean, you find so many things of the past. Memories of the things that we had bought, where we bought and with whom. We really were so excited to get some things and given our schedule it all rests in different corners of the house to rest or sometimes rust.

As I was making an effort to put discard things that didn’t mean to me or things that did but I could never use anymore, I realised that we still keep some things which actually don’t need, we conceal it and keep it out of sight.

I wondered don’t we do that a lil to often in our lives, we have some feelings some people and some things that we don’t really get out of our life but keep it in a place where no one could tell.

Does concealing help, I guess no, it just prolongs the time that sometimes unnecessary things that linger on cause we can’t let go.

Whether you clean your house or heart either consciously keep it or throw it …. but don’t conceal it : )

Thoughts 2019

1) The world is huge place where small things matter

2) Your eyes are like an ocean, has a drop for every occasion

3) The person you love has the power to hurt you the most

4) Don’t expect love from a person who loves another

5) Don’t cry in front of anybody, no one really understands

6) Make god your guide and friend, he’s the one who knows it all. The right and the wrong.You can confide he will not tell another, you can just spill ur sorrow and just not bother

7) Respect yourself the most any dare anyone will ever insult you

8) Don’t be attached, it’s not yours

Where have I gone wrong ?

I love all with all my heart,Make every person feel comfortable from the start,

I feel all I know are family ,But I guess it’s just outright silly,

Each one has a selfish motive to fulfill, they will only favour if they think you fit the bill

God I have wrong in understanding your world I swear, and can’t just give and give all my life to a world that doesn’t care

Don’t they understand that I am person who is sensitive and not a stone, and each selfish word just hurts me right thru my bone

My heart I feel is so soft and delicate, that I guess to hurt so easily is just its fate

I really want to carelessly live my life, and not be affected with their words like knife

Make me strong can’t die each day, feels like my life is a burden I say

Take me away to your world I wanna be with you, can’t I be those lucky few

Sometimes I feel I want to renounce this world, of which I don’t understand a single word