A Thought !!

As she sat by the lake all by herself, her eyes moist blur her vision. She had always dreamt of her future to be so perfect, as compliments came her way effortlessly, each day had something new to offer. What could have possibly gone wrong? Why had life stagnated? Parents brought her up with values and taught her to be warm, concern for others took all her time and childhood seemed like a recent past. School was innocence; college taught her, her own net worth and work made her wonder if hard work ever mattered. If you offered help there were people who fooled, when she helped someone in need they came when they needed help again. She loved whole heartedly and was left with a deep sore. She pulled up her socks and swept through her life, of all the relationships that took her shelf space without any use, and created a space for a world of her own. All she had got was herself, it felt cold inside so cold that she went numb from head to toe. She warmed herself and looked in the mirror; she could see one person who could make a difference, the person was right in front of her. Now that she had loads of time to peep into herself & there she found something in every corner. One corner said I want to dance and fly like a bird, the other wanted to learn the guitar, a part of her was drawn to learn a new language and a part of her wanted to meditate. It was hard for her to believe that she had ignored that one person she had lived with all her life ,someone who would live with her forever.

There was a fountain of life that came out of her and danced with joy, she met so many some good, some bad, and some ugly but somehow the heart had opened its doors to all. What had changed but just a thought? She realised the mind is robust and once a decision is taken, it can take you to new heights. She looked back and saw the people she left behind, they were happy, years had passed, efforts had been put to change them and precious time has been wasted and there they were, just like they had always been, she laughed at herself what was she thinking,can anyone change anyone? Not till they want to!!!

Today she decided I will put a smile on a face each day and expect nothing in return, but greedy as she had always been she made more than one person smile and that she got multiple in return. The investment was indeed fruitful and did really well. Each smile made her feel blessed and appreciated. There was only one buzz around ” is she in love? Indeed she was!! With herself and with all. She indeed fell in love but surprised at herself it was the same person she had seen for the past three years each day at work. When you light up your heart it glistens the diamonds among the stones. She was so full of love that she had to share it with him and later her little ones. She taught them the same values and taught them to be kind. As she sat by the lake she felt a deep sense of sorrow to see people suffer, when all they need to change is the thought itself and Rest ….. the best follows!!!!

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