Hair Raising

Hair Raising

As I saw my reflection , passing by a window display,

Realised oh ya my hair indeed looks like hay,

I fixed up an appointment with a hair specialist who’s appointment was hard to get,

A hunk, a stud  a charmer  a very good looking guy is the one I met,

He ran his fingers through by hair and so delicate was his touch,

Even with these tresses being my own I don’t care that much,

He washed by hair for quarter of an hour checking each time if the pressure was right,

All I wanted t do is to hug this Greek God with all my bloody might,

He held my curls against by nape and said how would you like a sweet little bob ,

The way he spoke and looked at me it could have melted any snob,

He soon introduced me to a person who would work on me , a  little chinky gurl,

Oh My God, I don’t want to pay this premium for this, but not a abuse I could hurl,

I saw her inexperienced hands work on me, pulling every strand to her level of perfection

Rebonding was a process to straighten and all I felt pulling with a lack of affection,

As she finished she looked nervously at the outcome of all her hard work,

And he ramp walked to me and praised me  trying not to smirk,

I knew it was a job badly done and quietly paid the damages with a heavy heart

He waved through the glass door with the most wonderful smile as I part,

I felt helpless and lost for I was enchanted by a beast,

For all I knew for a week, he would have a feast,

Two weeks later I saw a couple of grey strands and I new it was for a job that was not done right,

I wanted to kick him between his legs with all my might and ask him if the pressure was alright!!.

3 thoughts on “Hair Raising

  1. Really liked it. You r truly talented. Liked every line of it, minus the last line – kicking between the legs !! Wish that u keep on writing many more of this and keep on publishing.


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