Corporate Home

Corporate Home 

As I come home after a very long day. Doorbell not attended, I struggle to get my key from my complicated purse (Each time I open the key a tremor goes thru my spine.) 

My apartment is crowded with success, money, ego, power all through my hard work nothing inherited no windfall gains : ). But there is something missing, something I need, not want. It’s love! the only thing missing. As i leaned from my balcony to find it, I saw it really far away. 

  • Love from my parents: I remember they had approached me time and again. Come with us , speak to us, eat with us. NO! i had said don’t disturb, parents needs to understand best, I need space, i need to succeed and I will soon be there.
  • Love from my friends: They called to meet for dinner, lunch or coffee. Come let your hair down and have fun with us, don’t lose yourself. Can’t I had said. I have a project to complete a deadline to meet, a promotion to gain. Deep inside I felt they must be jealous as i successfully climb the ladder.
  • Love from relatives (extended family) – Oh! how big you are now!, what do you do? , How do you go to work?  I had said I am OK and rushed past with the broadest of smile purely indicating that better be at bay. What a waste of time I had thought. I need to talk to intelligent people on constructive subjects.

I realized that I had shooed them far far away. They had gone so far and since so long that they had forgotten their way back.

Who is to blame? . . . . . .  ME OF COURSE!!!!

Parents gave me the much required space that I had asked for and they thought I was happy that way.

Friends stopped calling tired witnessing the innovative excuses each time. They still have fun, I see their pictures on social websites. 

Relatives started mentioning “I am sure mom and dad can come, I know how busy you are”. Well, atleast invite me, that’s formality right. 

I looked at the phone beside me, it was silent. . . .  . It hadn’t rung for a while, the only calls i got was from office either asking for information or reminding me of the project deadlines. 

Where was I? What was I thinking. Success, money and power without love are  meaningless and ego not required at all (self respect is). 

Now i have re -approached love from  family, friends and all. They will come back I am sure and easily…….. iN TIME. 











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