Govardhan Ashram

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Dear Friends,

I went to Govardhan Ashram an eco-village  in Wada, Maharshtra with my family in Feb 2013. It was a beautiful experience. 65 acres of land full of peace surrounded by nature like it is.

It truly reflected the art of simple living and high thinking.The entire cooking and serving bit is handled by the Iskcon Devotees (which apparently means International Society for KrishnaConsciousness – which i Didnt know).These are people who are devotees who served us morning afternoon evening and night.

They referred to Papa as “Prabhuji” and Mom as ” Mataji”.  I felt like I was in a place away from this universe, transportation of our food items done by bullock carts, no smoke, no pollution no politics and all who met spoke only of Lord Krishna. The Devotees (who had sacrificed the material world and relationships) were from various  fields : One was an MBA who had 2000 people reporting to him in his position as Reliance – HR Head, Second was an Engineering student who worked for two years and then left after self realization,  third was working at Larsen & Tourbro who was involved in a project that made missiles to kill people ( ” And now I do just the opposite  he said”).  We heard them and were suprised they spoke just good English, they were people like us , LIKE ANY OF US and there they were with four pair of clothes per year , waking up at 4 am eating food without onion garlic (which we were served throughout our stay as well).

The Goshalas(cow shelter) were the best out of all where we got to see the cows and calves, they were pure bred huge cows and beautiful. between 4-5 pm  they would allow the calves and cows together.They milk out only a specific litre of milk “rest we leave for the calves” they said thought indeed.When we asked “exactly what time does that happen?”. They answered “Its not a JOB, it may be done anytime in the evening!!”. 

But I was reminded I had a JOB and had to return, knowing it will be a while before I return. But someday have to return to world which will not  understand or relate to any of this and think I am crazy to go back to medieval times.

I had to withdraw myself from the contented world to a world full of wants. I got some cow products like soaps and ubtan (face and body mask made of fullers earth and a whole lot of     other stuff)  for my COT Friends (Circle of Trusted Friends) and they appreciated it. When I purchased it they had  said ” it might not  smell good but they are pure and will do wonders to your skin. 

I will go back possibly in the rains to enjoy nature at it best to spend time with the simple side of myself and quality time with my and I don’t need to bother what I pack, becoz even the best of clothes won’t impress them, and will be treated just like i was treated the last time “HUMAN”.


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