My Hero

My Dear Friends,

Yesterday I met my dad after 12 days of rehab, a father who loves me whom I have known from the time I opened my eyes. Papa is always every girls first hero fist support and first friend.

The moment he looked at us he opened his arms and walked a distance before he hurriedly embraced us. He cried and pleaded for us to take him back immediately.

Though I was a daughter he was my child, from the time I gained understanding I knew i had to take care of him, he was the only son and was pampered. I pampered him too , loved cooking for him, talking to him and making him dance for me.

I remember when he came to drop me to school once I cried bitterly not wanting to go , Papa… he  got me back and of course got fired by mom. Today I was helpless i could not reciprocate.

Here he is assigned duties to wash the whole batches vessels , clean toilets and wash his own clothes. At 63, i dont want him to learn do these things but I am helpless. He had began to drink a lot from 9 am in the morning to midnight around 5 times a day. He was disconnected and hallucinating major parts of the day.

Whom do I blame …. The friends who taught him to drink saying ” One drink wont harm”. He had stopped drinking for 5 years and then those awesome friends ” Really not even beer” triggered it off again.

Today I cant drink not even a sip not even breezer becoz I feel what if ……

Papa used to drink everyday from the time I was born just one fun drink a day but I knew post that he registered nothing , he remembered nothing he nodded his head though, and in the morning I had to repeat it all over again.

When I used to come with my promotion letter I used to wait till the morning and till then my excitement used to be cut into half. There were no dinners for our family as Ppa used to make those weird expressions that embarrassed me.

I cant take a drink any more as I care for the people around me , I feel while I enjoy how many will be affected. It is a pledge I have taken for a life time.

I believe one drink could cause a disaster. I know no one agrees : )

Love you guys










3 thoughts on “My Hero

  1. I hope and pray to god …that ur Pappa get recovered as soon as possible…initial days are crucial in Rehabs…. u r strong and good daughter.
    Blessings and Good luck.
    Jai Shree ram🙏🙏


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