My networth

I have worked throughout my youth in the same organisation and made several friends.

At 23 I was one hottie on the block and people checked me out loved me and had quite a few trying to woo me. the way it was  I had several people trying to please me.

I was not that rich and I was insecured and scared.

I got various options some good looking but bastards, some not so good but true lovers, some deeply in love but ugly.

I was worried as to which one to choose so that I don’t regret, and lo and behold they all got married one by one making their own compromises and I got left behind. I was the only one stagnated , alone and tired and of course very negative.

I worked for a powerful office and people had to talk to me, i had to give instructions and they had to follow on the position I was in. But gradually post 15 years i decided to check my net worth and decided to ask people for a personal favor which was related to an instruction from boss.

I realised they had suddenly become busy and high handed , they said we will get back and of course they didn’t.

I sat back and wondered , I earned money, I earned power, I earned to buy houses but no matter how much time you spend at work your real net worth i.e. your real friends and well wishers do not come from the number of hours you work nor the power your desk.It comes with love , sharing and investing in the right people. Think carefully before you invest in people because no matter how much you do for them they are risks. Check these investments intermittently they could  have changed into losses : ).

Yoga, meditation and holidays can help you to realise that you cannot expect and one does not really stop expecting but just gives up because no matter what you do people do not change, you have to change.

Some investments give you 100% returns they are your parents. Invest your time, energy, love or even your money, they are the only ones who care, who love and can give unconditional multifold returns. Second, invest in yourself and everything you do is worth it even a splurge, even overeating. Help others but don’t expect if you can’t stop expecting don’t do.

While they are there value them, by the time you turn around they might be gone and no one else will be unforgivable by yourself by you.

Love you guys, do let me know what you think and how you liked what I wrote








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