Thoughts :

1) So many sacrifices so much pain

What about the soul within me that has no gain

2) The strength of letting go is so much stronger that to hold on and inspite of that we take the hard way and sometimes wonder if letting go was the right thing to do

3) Make urself happy each minute and you will be adored by all.

4) Troubles make you strong and excess of trouble makes you stronger, I don’t want to strong can I be weak and happy , God test me no more I don’t c a point in me dying strong

5) Live each moment as it is perishable u will never in the same situation again

6) beauty makes you proud when it fades it makes u human

7) Value people who make efforts for u and forgive them Incase of the gravest mistakes , they could have failed once but that Will never change the way they feel for you

8) respect your mom she is the only person who is not scared to be honest as she knows she will never lose you for it

…… Rest later































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