The Dependables

The Dependables

Hi guys, I am coming back writing  blogs after years and I feel that I did miss a friend.

Liked this platform to share my feelings my thoughts my worries and my experiences.

Today I would like to race my thoughts way back on the dependables , the people we banked on.Be it a intimate relationship, a friend , a boss,colleagues, parents , siblings or a neighbour.

These sometimes become crutches, we bank so much on them that we cannot imagine living without that support.Not that we cant walk on our own, but we are scared.

And one day, Swwiissshh ……. they go away and what happens. We are on the backfoot, we cant think further but it heals and we cope up. It might take more time for one and less for other but we do cope.

I thought of these incidents which shocked me and I felt helpless. Sometimes they do return in time, but they are not the same and definitely not your Dependables.

Guys like always shared my passing thoughts … do let me know how u like it : )


2 thoughts on “The Dependables

  1. Yes, people come and people go. Things come and things go. Only God’s Love is unconditional and eternal.
    Welcome back Aanya.
    I am 4-5 months old to blogging 😊


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