Even I Exist

Even I Exist

Battling alone in the corporate world
Trying to get as much as life unfolds

You have to look ur best and work even better that doesn’t come without support

You need to know that it’s a competitive world, perform or take the port

Wearing many hats is my job I know as a daughter, sister, aunt and friend

But even I exist with a body and soul and will I get to wear my own hat at the end ?

Times are sometimes difficult at work and sometimes at home

As I tread along with a smile with a heart of stone

Did I anything wrong to be born in the world where juggling thru life is my sole duty

And I need to do with all poise and grace as people judge me by my beauty

Is the world so busy doing things for themselves that they don’t realise

That even I exist, need to be understood,just not an instrument of despise

When you speak humanity and love people call you an upcoming saint

Is this the kind of culture for our next generation we want to paint

Come on guys whoever they r ,always has a phase when they feel

Hey, Even I exist and that I need you to know,do acknowledge before my last meal

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