Victim of my Parents

Today I have a sad story to tell about myself, rather one part of myself.

Just that my parents love each other a lot… A hell lot and they cam do anything to be with each other.

Wont lie I was pampered to the core … but now I am 40. I live with my parents and dads drinking problem has aggravated. Not a sober day, I leave him sleeping or disoriente be it morning or evening.

My mother takes care of him and him only so much so that my existence doesn’t matter.I am thought of when bills are to be paid, tasks to be done or when she needs my reference to share with others.

Yes I am thought of and pitied ad well and receive a lot of compliments by them for being caring and responsible.

I handle a day at work followed by a messy house and an immediate update as I enter the door into my dad’s drunk episodes.

I go to the gym to delay going home.
I want to be home and I want peace.

Emotions have got the better of me, my married sister too immersed with her child and family.

When do I live, if i leave them and if something happens I wont be able to forgive myself ever. If I don’t I have a miserable life.

I don’t drink not even a drop, my family is ruined my alcohol

If you drink as much as well look around… your closed ones might be suffering


2 thoughts on “Victim of my Parents

  1. I hope it is just a story Aanya. If true my heart goes out to you.
    I know of some people ruined by alcohol.
    All the very best. God be with you 🙏


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