I always wondered how people get so lucky. They are better than you, richer than you and most importantly much respected and valued.

I had got into a mode wherein I went to the Forbes richest list and read up on them. Be it Jack Ma, Jeff Bezos , Warren Buffett or Steve Jobs ( u must forgive me for the order). I wanted to find one common trait that led them to be so successful, surprisingly there was nothing that I could take back home.

I thought this activity only made me feel restless as I would never know a shortcut 🙂

After thinking a lot I realised they all are focused on what they want and if they don’t get the desired result they change their focus.

The all have gone thru some huge ups and downs and they have had their all time lows, but they have got the strength to lift themselves again and forgive themselves for the descisokbs taken.

Steve Jobs would not have ever imagined he would be out of Apple his own firm, Jeff Bezos had his lows and Jack Ma also told of his series of unfortunate failure. The failure dint fail them, else they wouldn’t be where they are.

You know I can write multiple articles on them they have so much to learn from them.

Suggest each one spend one day per person you wont come empty.

Also, how Jeff Bezos grandparents , their bond and how they set examples for him when he was a child which was followed by him , how his small contributions during his holidays were appreciated by them.

You can follow these for your children as you parLlelly build urself

So much for today and happy thinking

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