When we are born our parents flaunt our age. She is two, then 5, then 15, then 19 and then one starts nearing thirties.

This is when we feel the need to lie about our age. Being an Indian age is a topic of gossip.

I heard my mom telling me of people ask your age u have to quote four to five years younger. Well, the reason was that she dint want people to guess her age,she didn’t want ppl to raise their brow saying oh you font look that age.

That seemed to hurt my mother, I was affected by this and this causes me stress. Though I feel amused now, I would wonder id people asked my age I would have to juggle around figures.
Everything had to br 5 years later , questions like which year you were born, which year you finished school, which year finished college? Man!!! That was a task as one question was ok but sometimes three was complicated maths.

I thought I will not hide my age, but as I passed 35 I saw what my went thru, there was gossip around the corridor, “hey she doesn’t look but she is ….”, “you know at nowadays we….” or “coming from you its a wise suggestion”.

I thought really…. I felt so antique… I knew y mom y she did and I empathized and forgave her.

If you are 5 or ten years younger d so what? Do you guarantee you will be richer, will you be smarter, will you be luckier or will you live longer. No right? Then what’s the fuss?

One day u will get there. And after all thar fuss from 35 to 60, juggling thru lies then people open up and flaunt again hey guess my age, I
Am 75 and yet so fit, I am 90 and I walk 3 kms a day.

I sit back and wonder what a joke of a life it is : )

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