What if it’s the last time?

The most dreadful thing and believe me I don’t want to write about this, I get goosebumps, I am scared and I cry as I write this.

I hate this thought, but I want to share this with you, just like the title says … what if this is the last time.

We take each one for granted, our family, our friends, relatives and children. We sometimes do what people deserve, sometimes they do deserve it, but what if it’s the last time we see them?

The thought is gripping, after a nasty fight or argument I wonder, sometimes the person may not be close but what if our last interaction with them is one of our worst behaviour.

I read a book on meditation and it said look at everything as if you are seeing it for the first and last time, I know u they are saying these things, you will value things better.

I am not saying that it’s only on a death of a person, but it could be a person leaving the job or the country sometimes and we are still a part of the rat race, we feel so stupid when people we compete with just disappear then who is our new enemy who is our new competition. We have a moving target : )

My intention was not to hurt my readers or make them cry or scared, it was just to convey that try to be nice to all at all times and the way you will feel is priceless…

I look forward on your comments on this article as I wonder should I have written it at all ?

Love you guys …. would love to hear from you

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