More Important is what they say behind you !

I was a young and pretty one, powerful, bubbly , pampered , positive and I really felt good about myself each day

I bounced to work and back and life couldn’t be better, I had a list of guys who liked me and I knew they did.

I cherish those moments even today!

That’s one part and in then I was so lost in my own world that I dint know when people really thought of me. While the trend these days is to not bother what ppl say these days, I sometimes wonder if it is really alright.

I saw every alternate college kid and all book stores selling a book titled the subtle art of caring a f**k,tho I never got to get myself to read that book as the title itself made me wonder if what in future all did they same, if all just didnt bother and that scared me!

Coming back to where I was after few years when all strengths faded away and I was more humbled and networked extending my sphere of interactions, I got to know what people thought of me and what they said behind my back, while I dint  believe it at times many I times I verified it.

I won’t say all of it was untrue, some of it was feedback and I saw a need to improve. I believe what people say behind  your back matters, at face value ppl might be sweet, complimenting you or hugging and air kissing you. It’s easy to get fooled by compliments and never guess their ulterior motive.

I really dint care what they thought, but there came a time when I was helpless,alone, powerless and needed genuine advice when I saw the other side which came as a rude shock all that not caring a f**k kind of f*****d me!








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