Simba’s guilt ( The Lion King)

Hey guys haven’t u seen the lion king multiple times different versions..

You know I feel like Simba, I felt like this and continue to feel like that all the time and yes for my Dad … I feel guilty.

My father used to always drink from the time I knew him, he was always the best and is the best.

There came a time when we had the biggest financial crisis and I was just out of college, I needed to work from pampered to the introduction to the outside world.

As my luck was a lil on the weaker side got jobs but temporary and contractual basis .. my father by then drank a lot, I asked him dad Y? He said u r struggling for a permanent job I feel bad I drink … I got three jobs after that but never a permanent one. My dad drank while I sank blaming myself and my inability forcing my dad to drink.

2 years down the line I got a nice permanent job in which I continued to prosper but my dad dint stop.

He was ok for a bit then my sister got married my dad was so worried he was the father of the bride, he asked his counsellor should I call an ambulance at the wedding … I don’t think I can see her go?

Shortly thereafter I got into a relationship and I spent time with I u wanted to share my life and like u forger the world in that happy phase even I did.

My dad  dived into depression and became an ace alcoholic , I felt guilty again the Simba in me woke up and blamed myself.

U know I can never st sssssss op blaming me self for him , he is the best father and I love him lots but he is never sober.

On Father’s Day I envy ppl who buy their father gifts and take them out … but my father I cant do all those things because he is too acknowledge all of that.








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