Satisfaction …a step before going minimal

Trend these days is to go minimal … I hear a lot of friends given the episodes on Netflix on ‘Tidying up’ and ‘consumed’ going minimal. They want to clean up cupboards and throw of excess.

Many friends pass by shops saying there is a Sale but if I go in I might end up buying something.

The idea of going minimal is not refraining from the joy one gets from retail therapy,not suffocating yourself or refraining from doing what your heart wants you to do, because one might just bounce back and become the worst shopaholic or getting into depression.

Rather look at what you have and acknowledge the abundance, you have everything you need and much more.
Sometimes somebody else’s joy may be hibernating in your cupboard.Why not just give it off.

Every time I clear my cupboard I make lots and give each one to an appropriate person who can make good use of it ( while all might not have the time to do it given their busy schedule, you can always donate to a NGO).

Getting back before going minimal achieve that sense of satisfaction that you have what you need and more and you will still live joyfully ,enter every shop and buy just what you need and Wear what you buy.

I live by this mantra, I am trendy, I but I wear what I buy.

Minimalism does not restrict to clothes it also relates to food,ingredients, articles and other items that money can buy.

Buy what you need and give the rest to people who need.

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