Request to Senior Citizen Parents

I know being old and retired isn’t the best feeling and phase in life. A person who is used to being out everyday at work wonders how to manage the monotony at home. Senior citizens are taken over my aches and pains and sometimes live on medicines. But all that, everyone has to go through at sometime no matter how young they are now.

This article today is on senior citizen parents , please remove the myth that you are no more required or there is nothing to look forward to.

You have worked all your life… now is the time to reap the benefits of your life’s hard work, there is no  boss, there are unlimited holidays without permissions and you can plan your life the way you want to… plan each day like a dream and achieve it.

Aches and pains I know are there, but believe me is there from the time one turns 30, but psychology is you have more . No! You are stronger than the generation after you, you have done manual work , eaten healthier with lesser chemical driven food and are also wise to read ppl like a book.

You love ur children right … then gift them a few things , ya I know .. you wonder shouldn’t it be the other way round.

What you can do for your children :

1) Eat well – the healthier you are the happier they will be

2) Be positive : your smiling face is a treat to them

3) Be active : the more active you are the more you will be respected and loved

4) Read: newspapers , books , magazines etc ( you will be updated for an at par chat with them )

5) Love urself : The more you love yourself the lesser problems you will have and the lesser you will crib

6) walk – it is a good idea, meet people ,interact and let the world know that you are live and kicking.

Your children love, your experiences are like diamonds … they last forever












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