Self inflicted pain

Rewritten :

Life throws a lot of challenges at us. There are situations at work, there are dreadful diseases, there are loss of people, natural calamities , we could be victims of anything and things that we cannot be prepared for. They just come unannounced and immediate, there is no precaution, there are rights the just happen.

Deep inside we aare worried that what id these things hit us.

Now there are things that we can handle and at least make it easier where we can.

I would like to share examples of self inflicted pain, that some people just curse themselves additionally with sometimes knowingly and sometimes unknowingly.

My mom makes rice everyday, but she chooses to keep it right underneath , above are three boxes, she moves the boxes of non regular items everyday , she self inflicts this pain. Anyone doing this act day on day will get irritated and given this behaviour the whole kitchen is a trauma.

I just spoke to a colleague, she is often sick on a Monday morning and cant get herself up. What she calls a good weekend May cost her, her job and then good weekends maybe passé  but she says “ let me enjoy till my body can take it” .

I have nothing to say we sometimes self inflict pain and make our own life miserable . Situations and people around us are not in our control but our actions are.

I know sitting late night on the mobile and waking up early is a recipe for my vertigo attack, i suffer for 3 days in row.

I have taken a stand not to avoid self inflicting pain my avoiding these small things to live a larger life.








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