Words are enough!

We are happy because of people around us, we need them around be it sadness or joy.

Be it to compete or envy or follow or hate, they are different spices in our life that make like worth living.

Sometimes there is a permanent dent in a relationship as the words escape. While we have the privilege of saying what we want and when we want, the usage of these words also impact our quality of life.

I have lost friends by using harsh words sometimes by being extremely honest and sometimes just speaking behind their back which has reached back to them.

Sometimes to lose everything that we have, we intentionally or unintentionally use words… in some cases to win in some cases to show our worth.

Refrain from the usage of words and think before you speak, it impacts the future.

When at work you need to be on your guard, misunderstandings may create an environment that may not be liveable.

The more pleasant the words, the happier your life is, you don’t have to be honest when asked to suggest if the person concerned may be sensitive about I.

One doesn’t need a dagger to hurt and harm a loved one …. words are just enough

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