Do we need to only pray?

All of us have faith and even when don’t life takes a 360 degrees to make you turn to him.

We inculcate the habit of praying from the time we are born. We pray either before meals of bedtime or both.

Then as we grow there is materialistic praying. God I need that bike or that cycle or do well at studies.

As we grow we pray for different things and serious things fir life changing things to happen.

Love, marriage, job etc and try a barter , I will do this id you do that …. its funny

We also try to pray for mean things better than him, more successful than x or he or she to prefer me over the other person

We sometimes get what we want and sometimes we don’t and get ourselves to believe that not getting it is also for the greater good

My question is that should we only pray? One of my aunts prays for 2 hrs a day and 3 on special days.She finds it difficult to catch up to schedules, nor give priority to people nor eat on time.

Prays include that God, it should not rain today because I have work outside home or punish him and make this one suffer etc.

She is either home or visits temples and churches .. well content is the same … either bless ppl I love and let the ones who harm me get punished.

I am a firm believer of God but I believe in God but I also believe in deeds, if you do good deeds you can spend 5mins in pray just to thank him. Isn’t that better?

People pray hard and think they become the most powerful people anc god from god becomes their slaves.

Don’t only pray, focus on deeds of kindness, selfless love, uncoditional faith and concern for people.

When u do good things the greater good waits for you


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