How many times …. a Mother

Congratulations a daughter is born!

Each one is a proud parent they wait with a message drafted to announce to the world.

Those lil fingers those lil toes that lost smile and lovely cheeks makes ur heart go out , you melt and you realise that u r now connected to someone forever.

You pamper her too school with colourful ribbons and pigtails and the joy that u get is unbeatable.

She grows and very soon she pampers you back, you can c her concern, she shouts at you while you smoke and drink and tells you Papa NO.

She turns into a mini mother you listen to her, she is her dads pet and her moms darling.

Very soon she takes responsibilities , learns to cook and she takes care of the house.

She gets married and in a while concern is her new family she mother’s them too.

She bears a child and she is divided into pieces as she handles first day of school. She is a MOTHER.

As the child grows and parents and in laws age and husband has tantrums she manages all.

She is a daughter for sometime then she is a mother to all.

People call her for every decision.

Her mother calls her for support,her in laws as they are her responsibility, husband wants her to cook and other mandatories and of course her own child.

Why a woman doesn’t stop being a Mother …. inspitw of all this she binds the family and wears her pretty best smile then …. why don’t we just respect her instead of making fun of her shortcomings saying she is not fully aware of current things and make her a family clown.

If she wasn’t a serial mother she would be more far more updated than YOU!

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