Non Verbal communication

We express so many things on our daily lives, we talk endlessly sometimes and there are times when you get irritated listening to your own voice. Happens to me often.
I then tried to choose the non verbal path, the one that is more docile, effective and sends messages to the concerned without noise.

I used to do a lot of scanning previously and my office buys would assist, however at times I dint oboe if the document was lying there or was scanned and returned. I told them hey guys I know that you guys are busy too but why not put everything that’s done in a green folder. I agree they would tell me it’s done verbally but I would not acknowledge given my work pressure.

At home told mom to write things she wanted to do on the kitchen writing pad on the fridge which I never miss seeing. She could do that even when I wasn’t around

Sometimes these non verbal communication can be of great help when you tell the children before going to school things you need to eat will be on the table, same if you need family members to sign some documents. You need not run around but ask them to check that side of the table every morning so they know what’s to be done.

Same way with gestures, my maid is deaf and can’t hear but she understands that I like her and feel for her, while some people resort to yelling and shouting in the deaf ones years, I sometimes give her Money sometimes give her food and look at her face for approval if I can add more vessels for wash and she nods , I know that she is ok with it.

All in all create a system that are self automated in different areas of your life and save the words and breath the special acts of love where being non verbal won’t help!

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