Attention please!

Attention is like our nervous system it operates within us and drives us.

A little miss in attention can cause irreversible hazards.

Technology especially phones are ruling us and possibly I am wrong but when I am driving I am totally at risk when I face ppl with earphones on, their attention sways and in case of emergency their reflexes don’t work in their favour. They have no clue how to save themselves and no attention on the current status.

We miss a step, we burn ourselves in the kitchen or eat endlessly given that our attention is somewhere else.

We lose close relationships because we don’t listen , we are not attentive. Sometimes we don’t see signs of depression seeping in not a health issue of a loved one since we don’t pay attention when we are around family.

People with higher attention grasp better and reach great heights.Well being great and earning more are ok , but safety is key and I wish all well.

Be attentive you might not achieve anything more but you will definitely save all the previous things you have

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