If free …..ever valued?

We always like to get things free… its a new high and however rich. Samples, free drinks, free food name it, we misuse it, we waste it.Whatever is received free of charge feels good … but is it valued?

When we get things free we often think it can be thrown, strewn, gifted further but somehow is not valued as much as a paid product.
Of course there are exceptions like a gifted pet which we love etc

But what I am getting to is our body our mind our brain… we are born free with it and we misuse it,its not valued. We knowingly harm our body, do things against what we need to do towards well being.

Imagine if God had charged for everything we were born with.

Hands Rs.1000 per hand, Rs 5000 per leg, stomach Rs 10000/- , brain Rs 1 Lac etc. and chargeable as per quality and flexibility and colour. would we value if our body was not given with Gods compliments.

Life is free, we make it expensive by neglecting it and then we try for. New kidney, heart transplant, pacemaker etc etc. but inspite of all acts of survival we still don’t get anything like the original one.

Inspire of the cost the price we pay we still don’t get what we are born with.

Value your life and your body And your mind nothing is as beautiful when health fails.

Take care and stay healthy enjoy ur life its worth it

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