With open arms

When I was small, little did I know what all this meant to be,

All I knew was the warmth very time she cuddled me

From dawn to dusk I clung on to her

Unaware of the tragedy to occur

I got new clothes , new shoes everything that made me thrilled to see

But that was time fir my first dat of school oh me!

I cried I cribbed I threw tantrums

Scared to go to a place which allowed no mums

Life just passed by with every little thing that took me away

From all the love care and touch for which I always prayed

Now I know what she means to me ( with age adding each day)

Noone can take that place but she

Who do you think she could be?

Of course its my mother

Like her there could be no other

Who with open arms will always be there

Pains, sorrows , happiness and sadness to share!

Love you MOM

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