Do Nothing once a day

Our lives these days are so busy that we are always upto something. Cooking, cleaning , TV, laptop , or if nothing then whatsapp.

We try our best to be organised and make optimum usage of our time. We multitask, we try our best being our best and we get stressed.

What do we get inspite of all this ,a chaotic life , jaded look and a colossal waste of human life.Whats the rush , where are you heading and why …..

A few minutes in a day enjoy doing just nothing from a minimum of 5 mins to a maximum of 30 mins.Notice everything, give it to urself u deserve it.

Live without an agenda and don’t even plan what you want to do after that.This period needs to be blank , unapologetic and calm like heaven.

You can share ur experience after doing this with me. I cant tell u how it feels but this is something u need to experience : )

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