An eye for an eye

Don’t many of us live with that vengeance at least against one person … we have at least one enemy in our life and we justify it to ourselves as well as God.

This is the only person i want u to harm and you want God to intimate you or request that they suffer in front of you or at least u r updated on that

There are two things you are not aware of :

  • The harm you cause yourself is unimaginable. Scientifically holding these grudges cause a lot of stress, lumps, strain on the nervous system and your facial structur. It starts getting firmer and strict as we keep haying more people. We become negative and don’t enjoy our own wins as we continue to wait like vultures for one to fail. Spiritually God treats all equally and in the bargain he will see no need to support you and probably ur wishes May not be granted.
  • Secondly, for the sake of your sadistic pleasure each one of us are suffering in their own way including your enemies

So please concentrate on your wins, your life and your purpose of living and as for the people who are evil and cause you harm without purpose will pay for it anyways that’s GUARANTEED so sit back and enjoy life is too short to waste over people who don’t matter to you at all 🙂

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