It might get lonely up there

The lesser we have the more we share and the more me have the lesser we share.

We all want to succeed and sucess is measure only on the monetary scale for all us.

Times when we were just there, where we just had to wait for sometime when our parents could afford it.

When we had the first job and first salary and how we wanted to treat all and then there are times when we told everybody trumpeting our success to all we knew.

Those picnics with stays in a dormitory with a bunch of friends equipped with one bathroom where nobody wanted to bath first 🙂 .Pooling in funds to enjoy a little treat and all those things which we shared most of the little.

And then …. we arrive we succeed we are there on the path of luxury and freedom. Then we doubt the same friends , what if he might use me, ask me for a loan ( previously there was no loan) and we hide our success wondering if friends might be jealous and avoid the treat.

Success is like climbing a mountain when you reach the peak there is space for only one and some beings do what they can to get there , ethical , non- ethical and right or wrong doesn’t matter.

Then u r there … at the peak … most successful but alone … we change our engagements to people who match our financial status rather than our mental status and compatibility.

We feed our ego but our heart and mind is starved for the people we want to be with , the ones we opened our minds and heart to.

Yes there is justification we do these things for our family but children grow and they want to enjoy with friends your holidays become just you and your spouse or these spa holidays in the lap of luxury in solitude. You pour a drink for urself a single malt the most expensive one, but the taste is not as good, you drink to tell people about it.

The joy you had at the those cheap joints over cheap drinks and cheap conversation with no worries of bring judged is not there.

While you suceed try to drag your friends along if you can because ….. it can get lonely up there!

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