Work LIFE Balance

Nowadays we focus on work like balance infact this had become viral a few years back.

While there is a positive message that is circulated we all perceive it in a different way. The employee got a voice a justification.

Our parents worked they came home spent time with us and were with us when we needed them.

They never complained of lack of time, they slept and woke up and managed to complete all tasks and also reached on time where they were supposed to reach.

We got more competitive trying to make others fail , sat longer And without realising lost our time too. After this message all started revisiting the fact that there should be a balance.

I see the balance going for a toss for a few people, they have made it a motto to live and make work suffer, lethargy has set in , bandwidth problems have been fabricated.

I can see a few where the scale is heavier on the life heavier and the whole ecosystem suffers!

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