Judged by Looks

I must share that I was very confident by my looks and my power and thr way I got presented myself.

But while I would not bore you with details on the series of events today i can write of it.People looked up to me and admired me, they all wanted to be me.

I was already stressed on the things going wrong in My life and as I was combing KY hair I saw this one finger space of hair with no hair. Alopecia is losing hair in patches causing baldness in that spot.I was petrified and rushed to a doctor. He said its a matter of two weeks,but it didn’t get better it turned into a size of a tennis ball right in thr front of my head. Then I realised I had 12 such patches then 30.Well I also lost my eyebrows. Life was hell.

My only passion , my hair I flaunted was gone. After changing two doctors I arrived at the right doctor who cured me completely.

The empty spaces now filled in and while I still wait for the length to grow in length.

I realised a few things : people do judge you by looks , by power and times of trouble your strength is your family and ur relationship if its strong enough.

I saw my family pray for me, cry for me and place their hands on my head inadvertently. My boyfriend kissed me each day, came to me to all doctors and supported me boosting my confidence.

Some friends I saw supported, some rejoiced and some just thought i was not worth competing or looking up to any more.

Being bald was one battle I was fighting already but I saw people change. My sister told me “you really want to be surrounded by people who judge you by looks, really “.

While I tried to flip my hair and was successful it was not hard to c the detrioration in me.

Then I stood in front of the mirror and said to myself ” if I don’t accept myself and way I look and appreciate myself how can I expect other people to?”

My faith kept me on and is still alive.

It also helped me to realised how we don’t value what we have and take it every body part for granted.

How I admired every face, how I found every face beautiful dark ot fair and so no faults like before. I appreciated every face thinking already he had brows , at least she has hair straight or curly.

Be thankful you are already blessed : )

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