Why pray to be rich?

We all aspire to be rich and famous to be known. I suggest cut off the focus on being rich, rather concentrate on what you want from the riches.

What would you do if you had all the money in the world? What would you do if you were recognised as the richest person living?

Would you want a fancy car, a fancy home, a luxurious holiday what else spa treatments, house help what else? List it down, let the list flow keep the list on for a week ten days and write till you can write no more. U will realise that all these things will be repetitive.

Well then list the no of things money cant buy for a day or two or till you can think no more … health, love , behaviour , family, child, feelings , intestine : )

The point I am getting to is not the comparison but why wait to be rich , while money is on its way to you , why delay why cant you work towards it today.

Start saving to buy all the things from the rich list one by one and strike off that exhaustive list. I try and do that because maybe by the time I am rich I may not want the same things I want today or I May not be upto it.

When u save and you achieve and when you know that u want it real bad, resources will accumulate try it and the joy u get of it will be priceless unmatchable … even the richest May not get that profound joy that u have worked towards.

All the best … happy journey to success

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