Don’t need to impress them

We live a beautiful life and we have dreams which are achievable, changeable and amicable. We hang out with friends and keep in you with pretty ones so that we can update pics on insta, Facebook etc.

We spend a fortune to impress are already rich friends and sometimes our bosses and colleagues. All these are the ones who are already satiated and have seen better things than you can offer.

You can have the best food caterer, best restaurant and best venue and you have managed to pay through ur nose to get everything to perfection… but you still have ppl who will compare and negate ur efforts.

Have you ever looked down at the people who serve u, the less privileged , the not so well dressed or good looking people who contribute to make u look the way you do.

Your maid who organises ur house and your kids , because of who you have that u have that radiance and ur face shows so worry signs. The maid who is not so smart who suffers due to her inablility to comprehend. Guys if they were smarter than that they wouldn’t do the work for you nor be at your service.

Do we ever think of acknowledging them, impressing them, taking them for an acknowledgment dinner ( without being accompanied by your children)

When i got this thought, I looked at my maid, she looked frail , dark, sick and irritated as she worked. I thought let me try this myself.

I asked her would you like to accompany us for an outing, she looked at me with a look, nothing that was happy nor did it show admiration. I said by 6 pm today, she still didn’t acknowledge, but at 6 she was all dressed and wore her best saree and tied her hair well.

As she sat into the car she looked out like a child, she looked happy and I could see her chest swell in pride, throughout the drive till we reached the place and she ensured me and my family were together as we stepped out and was not comfortable if anyone was out of sight.

We then proceeded to a restaurant and we sat at the same table as her , ordered similar dishes and allowed her to choose what she wanted. She smiled as she ate, she looked at the waiters and bossed a little over them asking them for water and once a spoon.

We reached home post dinner, as I walked in she hugged me and said thank you and she hugged me too long and said now I am stuffed and sleepy.

As I walked to my bedroom, I thought how much time we take to impress the unimpressable and these who are less privileged we don’t try to impress ….. try it …. it doesn’t take much … they have seen nothing and what you give is their everything

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