Only one right in the relationship

We love relationships that’s what keeps us going … relationship with parents , children and when we say relationships while others are involuntary, a couple relationship comes to our mind.

A person with whom we share a physical relationship, mental compatibility and a whole lot of compromises.

With one life to live concept all have started thinking individually and hardly try to make relationships work

We don’t waste time to compromise or understand for a long time , we react and take impulsive decisions and dont forgive anymore and with are peers think alike we are 100% right to move on.

While in some relationship which involves physical or mental torture this decision has full waiver, but the ones that have ego clashes or misunderstanding or behavioural stress things can be worked out.

I have seen some confident men and women who have moved on for various reasons some keep blaming and proving that they were always right!

Sometimes love marriages fall apart like a house of cards in no time. Is only one person right in thr relationship was the other completely wrong.

Just take a few mins to think of all the positive things that the opposite person did , something’s that no one else understood , those parties , company from home back home, children or those things specially done for you and acknowledge them in your heart ( you don’t need to tell another if you don’t want to) , and think of the times you were unfair , over reactive , mean and wrong.

I don’t know if u will get back with the other …. but I promise you it will make you a better person , draining out all the negativity and hate.

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