Beware! If the only thing growing is your paunch

Growth is inevitable and mandatory, in a job when we are at the peak of success or start heading a team, be it a CMO, CFO, Head of Sales , Presidents , Country Head or Global Head we start relaxing.

While being at the peak of success, we know that there is no room for anyone to overpower you, but remember you are not indispensable

The peak of life is a risky one, if one topples from there he hits the ground. You may be at the epitome of success just ensure you are updating yourself.

Of course you don’t want to slog all your life, when u r there invest in tangible and concrete things which have a stronger foundation and upward trend with surety.

Anything in the market is as volatile as your job itself, invest in a house or any kind of property believe me, u will thank me for this advise.

Nothing concrete comes to rescue except ur land building or apartment when u want to sustain in difficult times.

Also, enjoy as much as you can , when u r prospering exploit the options towards having a luxurious holiday.

Because the minute u get comfortable with your growing paunch get comfortable to sit back and relax!

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