Niceness only when you suffer

I was wondering as I sat, the world is constantly mean, trying to find ways and means to trouble one and other.

All of us remove our frustrations on other people, be it family, friends, colleagues and mostly on the the ones who are weaker than us sometimes children and sometimes servants

I have seen people Being warm when you are depressed or share your loss and people become harsh once they see you succeed and do well.

Does it take suffering for people to be nicer to you and likewise when people are in pain they become more open to being nice and have a warmer heart.

This morning my mother was nagging my maid and got even nastier when the maid looked off until I told her that the maid’s brother was ill and she was expecting news of his death soon.

My mother suddenly went to her hugged and gave her some money to visit her brother, if it wasn’t for that my mother would have ensured she would have a awful day.

When will people realise that all materialistic things will stop giving pleasure but man is a social animal and he can give happiness to others be on only he knows how.

I feel for all around me and I treat people well but … I am not very successful the peak is for the meanest!

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