Regret the things I didn’t do than what I did

I have always been an ever so obedient child, the one that understands that you should keep shut when your parents tell you that they don’t have money to give u you toys.

Since a child I was soft hearted and courteous and my parents inculcated the habit of first thinking of others than what I thought what was good for me.

It backfired over time, two things I always thought of others and ignored myself and two , I got mom pecked.

My decisions were never mine, I always spoke to people discussed, seek secret approval each time something came in front of me. My mother being the main judge.

I was proud on the way I lived in life I bragged on how an maternal instinct would never go wrong

As I got older and wiser, I looked back at my life and realised that I dint do the things I wanted to as I was too cautious and sometimes I took someone’s suggestion. I realised how I wished to do so many things and how I couldn’t do it.

While what I did I did, for good or bad but there so much more. Even after such careful evaluation not that every decision I took was always right which I realised only after I proceeded with, but THAT I don’t regret, at least I did it!

But today I really regret the things that I didn’t do and can’t forgive myself while things that I did whatever were the consequences aren’t such a huge regret.

Guys one life to live one life to enjoy and each day is a gift, close ur eyes when u want to do something… the answer is right within you

All the best !

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