Daughter of a alcoholic

My dear Papa,

A poem for you .

Papa I am sorry I gave u a stern look that broke your heart,

I am still your little princess and my behaviour tore you apart.

I am doing well in life do you have a lil time to register

Coz the conversation we have seems always about what u think is to pester

I get promoted and praised at work, I come back delighted to celebrate with you

But when I return and express my happiness you react as if you don’t have a clue

You told me you were worried if I would be happy and then you would sacrifice that venom

That happened long back and when shared it with you, but you ran to get another bottle with ur t shirt and denim

I like my friends and party to laugh my heart out

But true happiness is when I am with you and that’s without a doubt

I have traveled to all places amazing and the plush where I wished my dad had seen too

And I am sad that you may not be accompany me as scheduling the next drink is stuck on ur mind like glue

I want to get married and flaunt the best dad that I have you tops the charts

I don’t want people to tag you at the wedding as an drunk old fart

You my hero and always will be till the time I breathe my last

There seems to be very lil time papa so please give up on this a lil fast

Love you dad

Your lil one

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