Today is a special day

I have been a person who matured slower than others… rather refused to grow and accept life.

However, I believed that there was a special day and I saved everything nice for that special day.

A perfume to spray on that special date was never opened once I realised it had the best fragrance ever, that special dress for an important day and even photo frames to utensils to make that dish which I would cook.

Alas, when those times came I realised that perfume had lost its charm, the outfit didn’t lok that good and utensils rusted.

I realised that happiness that one seeks from anything is perishable and we need to seek immediate pleasure the moment we have it with us.

We evolve and change everyday of our life we change preferences, tastes, people and relationships. A friend we could not live without even for a second may be seven seas away or not in touch anymore.

Wear the dress you bought sooner, have that meal with a friend earlier and enjoy life today.

Nothing is more special, don’t defer anything, live today , act today and enjoy today.

U then might have have little or no regrets from life …. coz you have lived the moment.

Love you guys!

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