Don’t wait for life to pass you by

Life is so beautiful, each morning there are new opportunities, new hopes, new beginnings.

We worry we think we assume and are scared at each step. Let me tell you one thing whatever you do, you can’t be prepared for tomorrow, because even today doesn’t know what will happen tomorrow.

Live your life and each moment, return calls, tell people you care for that they mean a lot.

I hear ppl say I plan to do this and that and retire at 40, who has guaranteed that. When you say make a priority list, will understand that priority list is just to prioritise what you will do first, but other things also need to be completed. Everything on the list is important however small it may look.

Professional (job) , social ( friends), personal ( relationships and closed ones) and emotional ( ones own being). Don’t compromise over anything thinking you will catch up later.

What you ignore u will regret losing and what u attend to will make u get a sense of fulfilment no matter what happens next.

Guys don’t let life pass you by walk with it take every invitation from anyone as an opportunity to know people enjoy and see life in a different. Don’t do things you don’t want, don’t do them because you have to … then no one is happy

Love u …live well… live today

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