Testing times … real evaluation

We all are happy and the world has come to a thought that we celebrate everyday.

I hear each and every person trying to live their life at the fullest and live today.

Sometimes it renders one selfish, while it’s important to take care of our family and dependents, it’s extremely important that you take care of the one person who is in you, your soul, the you , your heart and your brain.

Well! Getting back to focus on subject, we go thru happy times and make some friends , we know people, we have some acquaintance and some like family and some soul mates and confidantes.

But when do we know if people are what they are, or if you are worthwhile from them.

When life is hard on u, when things are difficult and sad, when u r helpless and inspite of desperation you are at your worst behaviour though you know that it’s time to surrender.

You show the real you and guess what , the diamond you own shine while the rest just burn off like coal.

Same people judge you and leave you when you need them most and the special ones suffer and cry for you , even tho their life is not as bad.

Tough times make you weed off all the unwanted and let the best remain.

Guys make a note of ppl who stood by you thru rough waters, they are there to stay and note their names in your diary forever.

Because once the cloud passes by … you might forget to give that special place that they deserve forever.

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