Respect and enjoy the home you put together

Dear All,

There is no place like home and never can be, no matter how comfortable the luxuries of a 7 star property is.

We work really hard and compromise a lot to buy and build a home and sometimes it takes a lifetime till we pay off the dues.

The home loans weigh on the brains and your heart and you make compromises to make your dream, ur home to be yours and secured.

Generally the person who takes the loan enjoys the home the least, either at work or immediately on a vacation away from home.

I feel why not take a day of and be at home, notice the things who have put together with so much love and affection, investing your precious time on every minute detail.

Just take a day off once in a way to enjoy that home with no other plans but to be home watch tv, cook ur favourite meal at home and clean up a messy corner.

Just try it and let me know if a date with your home giving it fullest undivided attention makes any difference… after you have tried it message me on the experience for others to read and follow

Lots of love always

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