Where have I gone wrong ?

I love all with all my heart,Make every person feel comfortable from the start,

I feel all I know are family ,But I guess it’s just outright silly,

Each one has a selfish motive to fulfill, they will only favour if they think you fit the bill

God I have wrong in understanding your world I swear, and can’t just give and give all my life to a world that doesn’t care

Don’t they understand that I am person who is sensitive and not a stone, and each selfish word just hurts me right thru my bone

My heart I feel is so soft and delicate, that I guess to hurt so easily is just its fate

I really want to carelessly live my life, and not be affected with their words like knife

Make me strong can’t die each day, feels like my life is a burden I say

Take me away to your world I wanna be with you, can’t I be those lucky few

Sometimes I feel I want to renounce this world, of which I don’t understand a single word

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