Don’t conceal just get rid of it

As we approach the new year, I was happily cleaning all the areas that were untouched over the years.

It’s always exciting to clean, you find so many things of the past. Memories of the things that we had bought, where we bought and with whom. We really were so excited to get some things and given our schedule it all rests in different corners of the house to rest or sometimes rust.

As I was making an effort to put discard things that didn’t mean to me or things that did but I could never use anymore, I realised that we still keep some things which actually don’t need, we conceal it and keep it out of sight.

I wondered don’t we do that a lil to often in our lives, we have some feelings some people and some things that we don’t really get out of our life but keep it in a place where no one could tell.

Does concealing help, I guess no, it just prolongs the time that sometimes unnecessary things that linger on cause we can’t let go.

Whether you clean your house or heart either consciously keep it or throw it …. but don’t conceal it : )

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