A poem dedicated to the ones who have given it all to the organisations over years and have treated like a fully shaven pencil


Oh! Don’t try to push I can’t even fall,

As the roots below have also grown tall

You just see the branches and the fruits

And once they are dry they don’t even suit

I am standing tall for the foundation built

But now you make me feel so useless and full of guilt

When I was young and charming you adored the look

But now that I am powerless against me you want to book

All I am asking is some time and chance for new shoots to grow

But you seem to be rude and ignore and just listen no more

I have contributed inspite of heavy storm and rain

Seems like just nothing’s and my efforts are all in vain

Do you agree that life is indeed fair

Then all you don’t agree and just be polite and care

What goes around comes ground with double the force

But I think people like you sin without remorse

You know you will have to pay for all that you did wrong

Then why aren’t you weary and instead live life like a song

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