How do you feel after you go after power not the person

Life of simplicity and values has been a speed breaker in life. I deal with people based on comfort and how humble one is, how we connect and bond.

Things like power, money, status do not really matter to me. Well … they do occur to me.

I know people who gauge situations and people as per all the materialistic belongings and have seen loyalties change and chameleon behaviour.

I always wonder that though people camouflage and adjust their patterns as per the shifting pedestals, I see them race to success at a steep rate.

I sometimes want to understand and ask them as to how do they feel about themselves, do they look up and feel respect for themselves as they stare into the mirror each day.

Do your hero’s change, does your motivator , your mentor change overnight.

I wonder am I wrong, am I dumb and is glorifying the right people the way of life ?

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